Whats next? The future of Social Media Marketing

Hi everyone, welcome back to my Blog!

Today I am going to be talking about, where I think social media marketing will go in the future. Will we still have all of the same social platforms, i.e. facebook, twitter, snapchat, or will someone invent an entirely new platform! Will marketing and advertising your business/products continue to be done via online social platforms, emails, posters etc, or will a new system be put into place when marketing & advertising is only done online!

Below I will look at possible trends that might occur in the near or distant future!


1. Monopolization

Something that has been happening since the start of social media, is monopolization. This is where the big social media platforms are buying smaller social media platforms & software programmes and adding them to their platform. This enhances the experience for the user, i.e. you & me but it also grows out the bigger social media platform. Do I think that in the future these individual platforms could morph and blend into a single all-in-one social experience? Simple, Yes I do.  It would take a while for this to happen as they would have to find a way to creating this without causing maximum user disruption.

2. Virtual and augmented reality

AR & VR, have both become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.  Augmented reality will be able to take social media to a place with even more closeness and real-world benefits, and virtual reality will give people new ways to experience the world around them. The feedback loops here could completely revolutionize how we communicate with each other.

Apple, have started to sell more APPs that are entirely Augmented Reality, once you have ios11. I think that in the future, business should start creating their APP to be AR so we can get a real look, i.e river island could make an AR app that allows us to ‘virtually’ shop around instead of just looking at an image on their website.

Below, I will show you a video where ‘beebom‘ is telling us how they think AR will change the world.


3. Influencer Marketing

The future of social media marketing seems to be leaning more towards influencer marketing because of how genuine that sponsorship can be perceived from the audience’s perspective. As we evolve to a more ad-run-world, people are getting annoyed with how many ads there are in every aspect of their lives. Influencer marketing is a nice break for ads, while still technically being an ad.

The best Influencer Marketers have developed these great friendly and familiar relationships with their audiences and a sponsorship is more seen as a friend recommended a product or service to a friend rather than the traditional exhausted sponsorship deal where it just feels forced. An example of these influencers would be, Youtubers & Bloggers. These people have made a living for themselves by creating different types of videos for their audience, they also include subliminal messages/ads that they get paid for but it also sees people buying the product.

Youtuber, Zoella, is a prime example of this. She has created an empire for herself by working with different brands and then eventually creating her own lin that becomes sold out in hours!


Okay, so those are the three main trends that I can see developing into the social media world in the future. If you have any trends that YOU think might happen in the future, please let me know below by leaving a comment! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Bye for now!

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