3 Irish Brands using Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by pinning images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned, then share those images/pinboards with your friends and other Pinterest users.



How do businesses benefit from using Pinterest?

1. Traffic → Pinterest is a great way for your business to refer more traffic to your website.  ‘Shareholic’ found that Pinterest referred more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google and LinkedIn combined. In order for your business to do this, it is essential to link each of your ‘Pinboards’ directly to the relevant site page, in turn gaining more traffic to your website.

2. Connections → If you want to make your brand more recognizable it would be a great idea to connect with some bloggers who also are active on Pinterest. this will give your business/brand more exposure as the blogger would have an audience themselves. You could also do competitions with your users on Pinterest. You can give your top 50 users a voucher of if you’re business is focused on selling products, then send samples out to them. By doing this you will create more interactions on your page and also create more brand impressions, which is very important for your business.

3. inspiration → Pinterest can greatly benefit your business because it lets you gather ideas and inspiration for your business. By creating different Pinboards you can generate new product ideas, identify trends and also focus in on business opportunities.

4. Recruitment → On Pinterest, you can recruit top talent for your business. It’s a great way t connect with people who share similar interests with you and your business. You can create pinboards that invite employees to contribute their ideas and you can also create boards that showcase your employee’s profiles, so future employees can see the criteria that they might need to have and also see what its like to work for your business.

Below I will show you three of my TOP Irish brands on Pinterest, who I believe are using Pinterest right!

1. Suzanne Jackson – SOSUbySJ

Followers → 3’110

Following → 44

Boards → 16

Pins → 5’000+



Who is Suzanne Jackson, aka, So Sue Me Beauty? Suzanne Jackson is a blogger and writer from Ireland who writes on fashion and trends. She is the creator of the award-winning blog SoSueMe, which is regarded as one of the most successful and popular blogs in Ireland. Following on from her success in blogging, Suzanne was inspired to create the beauty brand, ‘SOSUbySJ‘. The brand features a wide range of game-changing beauty products all of which were created from scratch, some of which products have been over a year in the making.A number of products created by Suzanne sold out within minutes, and as a result of this success, her SOSUSbySJ brand is now being stocked by major retailers such as Primark, as well as online global fashion heavyweights, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo.com.


Suzanne has made her Pinterest account one of her more ‘personal’ social media accounts. She shares fashion and makeup styles that inspire her, along with a board specifically dedicated to some of her favorite quotes. She also has created a board that shows off her beauty brand, ‘SOSUbySJ’ which is her main brand right now. She pins quite a lot of pictures of her stuff and other Pinterest users so she can share what she’s interested in, to her viewers.



2. Brown Thomas Ireland.

Followers → 794

Following → 71

Pinboards → 5

Pins → 105

Brown Thomas is Ireland’s most beautiful lifestyle store and home to an unparalleled range of designer brands. They have four department stores around Ireland.

Here is the front cover of their Pinterest page,


As you can see in the picture, there are two arrows at either side, this is because these pictures are known as a ‘Slider’, AKA, they move across the screen by themselves and also when you click on the arrow. I think this is a very cool idea for Pinterest to use, as you don’t see many of them on Pinterest and it’s also very creative and will get people to click on the pictures.

They don’t have many pinboards, which I think they should improve on, as it will look good for the company to have many different boards that cover each section of Brown Thomas, i.e. makeup boards, fashion boards, home-made food boards & appliance boards etc.


They also have a link to their website in their bio, which is essential if you want your Pinterest users to go over to your website. This is a huge advantage for them as it will generate traffic directly to their website.


3. Peter mark hair

Followers → 470

Following → 6

Pinboards → 25

Pins → 1’767

Peter Mark is an Irish hairdressing chain. They currently have 71 shops in Ireland.



Out of the three of the Pinterest accounts, Peter mark is my favourite. They have a wide range of pinboards, showcasing every sort of hairstyle, colour and even transformations that they have done to their clients. Some of their pinboards are called the following,

(i) Choose your short style

(ii) Choose your blonde

(iii) Home Care

(iv) Restyles and Transformations

& Many More!!

This is brilliant for someone who purposely goes to the Peter Mark Pinterest account looking for inspiration, as every sort of style seems to be shown on their boards.



Again they have a link to their website in their bio, as people might decide to go to their website to look at price lists, contact information and products for sale.


Those are my three favourite Pinterest accounts! Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite pinterest account is, i’d love to know!


Bye! xx


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