My Favourite Video Advertisments

Advertisements are constantly being released, whether its to promote a product or a cause. There are only a handful of  really attention grabbing Ads. These Ads would get you thinking or make you feel strong  emotions, for example, happiness, sadness, excitement, anxious, etc.

Why and how do video advertisements go viral? According to YouTube trend manager, Kevin Allocca, video advertisements go viral because of 3 main reasons. Those reasons are –

(i) Tastemakers – influential people, i.e. huge celebrities,  popular social media stars etc, share the video onto their social platforms exposing the video to their public which would then spread causing the video to go viral.

(ii) Unexpectedness – This is a huge reason as to why  the videos go viral! In order for the video to get a good reaction, it would have to be something that people have not seen before, or something that people would not expect to see. 

(iii) Participation – Usually if a video goes viral, remakes or parodies of that video would be made! This is huge for music videos, as parodies are constantly made, racking up millions of view and also giving the original music video more exposure. You tuber, ‘Bart Baker’ has become one of the most prolific music parodies creators on YouTube, according to Billboard. He has gained over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, and also has received over 2 BILLION views from creating video parodies.

Below is an example of one of his most popular videos, a parody to Pop star Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. These video aren’t for everyone but they clearly gain a lot of attention and go viral on YouTube every time he uploads.

Kevin Allocca also goes through how videos go viral in one of his ted talks. Check out the video here.


Below I have chosen two of my current favourite Advertisements. These two Ads have really struck a cord with me.


Cannes lion winner.

‘Justino’ is a Christmas Advertisement created by the Advertising Agency, ‘Leo Burnett Madrid’. It was used for Spain’s national  lottery. 

The AD captures the story of Justino, a lonely overnight security guard at a mannequin factory. Justino passes the time by playing with the mannequins, and setting them up in poses for the factory’s daytime staff to enjoy. And in the end, they repay his kindness in an unexpected way.

I really enjoyed this AD because it reminded me of a PIXAR film. The way the animation was shown and the background music that was played and the overall message that was given. 

The campaign name used for this Ad was, “The greatest prize is sharing”.  I personally this is a very important message to be sharing especially at Christmas time.

rose circle                                                          rose circle                                                              rose circle


We are Eircom, We are Eir


Uploaded to YouTube on September 17th 2015, eircom released this AD, informing people that they were re-branding eircom into ‘EIR’. 

I Instantly was drawn to this AD because of the cinematography of it and also the music. They reinvented an iconic piece of traditional music called ‘Fionnghuala’. Eir said that they used this piece of music because it ” proved the perfect choice given its power and deep roots in our culture and heritage.”

This AD became viral in Ireland, being a main topic of discussion on the news and also throughout my college classes in the College of Commerce. They also did a parody to it in the 2015 pantomime in the Cork Opera House! It really got everyone laughing!

Below i will include some of my favourite Bloggers who discuss video trends.

(1) The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

(2) This blog posts all fail viral video onto their page


Tell me about some of your favourite video advertisments in the comments below!





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